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Our Young Queen's programme is a 1 year weekly mentoring programme run in Auckland High Schools for Year 12 & 13 Pasifika students. The programme is delivered using educational and creative workshops such as spoken word, dance, crafts and life skills, which will help them to explore their talents, discover their worth to empower them to use their voice, build resiliency, their leadership skills and encourage them to chase their dreams.


The Young Queen's programme will help to build their self-confidence, teach life skills, expose our young women to new experiences and new role-models as well as prepare and support them on their transition out of High School.

Check out some of our beautiful Young Queens                  




"The Young Queens programme is, without a doubt, one of the most significant and important parts of my life.  Entering the programme, I was a scared little girl not confident in who I wanted to be.  This programme utterly changed my life for the better.  Lead by some of the best and most real mentors a girl could need, Sisters United pulled me into a safe space oozing of colour, culture, confidence and self-love.  There and with their help and guidance, I chipped away at my insecurities and forged new found strengths. In the time with being with Sisters United, I was able to help my community and learn more about my Samoan heritage.

I am now currently studying my Bachelor degree and my goal is to one day become a doctor within my community to help my own Pasifika families".

-   Odille Maeata'anoa

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